Hi everyone, welcome back to the blog! Hope everyone is killin’ it now that you’re getting your monthly new-clothes supplement (you are subscribed, right?). You may have noticed we did a little site re-vamp, and now you have the option to subscribe to a Name-Brand box, or a larger 10 item box!!

Anyways, today we’re gonna chat Reseller terminology. If you’ve browsed the interwebs, watched popular reselling youtube videos, or obsessed over full time resellers’ instas, you’ve probably come across some weird phrases, abbreviations, or words that need to be clarified.

Now, even the most seasoned reseller may come across words that they thought they knew, but actually were something else! I totally have! And sometimes, things have different meanings. If you see something that isn’t included or has an alternate meaning, please share it with us in the comments.


Bundle - A group of items that someone might want to buy together for a discount or to save on shipping.
Consignment - When someone is reselling items for another person. This can be seen large-scale by Thred Up.
Covershot - Your first picture for any item you list to sell.
Deadstock - A product that is no longer produced. Using this term in your item descriptions may attract people looking for clothing they can’t buy in a store anymore.
Grails - Highly sought-after items, very hard to get a hold of!
Haul / Thrift Haul - All the items someone just purchased at the store or places they just went. Commonly used referring to what a seller bought at a thrift store.
Secondhand - Also known as used clothing.
Liquidated Stock - Clothes/items that are “purged” from a store. This includes past season items, items that were returned, or from stores that closed. These are typically brand new, like Fashion Maids!
Listing - The actual post of the item you are selling.
Lowballs - When someone offers to buy an item at significantly lower than the asking price. Most sellers have different opinions and interpretations of what price is too low for them.
Plug - When someone gives your store or closet a shout out! These are great, and show the true community and connection resellers can have.
Posher - A Poshmark lover!
Seller Stylist - The term Poshmark uses for its sellers.
Undercutting - When sellers price their items significantly less than the average price for an item. Some people can be offended by this, as it creates discrepancy in the market.

ASP - Average Sale Price. Useful for knowing how much you are making!
BOLO - Be On the Look Out. Usually used to describe rare, valuable, or quick selling items.
CCO - Closet Clear Out. Poshmark uses this term for a “price-drop” special!
EUC - Excellent Used Condition.
FT / PT - Full time or part time. A lot of resellers do this as an actual job!
ISO - In Search Of. People use this term mif they are looking for a particular item, not selling!
MSRP - Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price. Used to describe the items original value.
NIB - New in box, most commonly refers to shoes or electronics
NWT / NWOT - New with original tags. Sometimes people use it for “new withOUT tags”, so double check before ya buy!
OBO - Or Best Offer. Used to describe an item with a flexible price.
OTL - Offer To Likers. A tool used by Poshmark, and some other resale platforms, to engage potential buyers to buy their items.
PFF - Posh Friends Forever!
RA - Retail Arbitrage. Buying new items from the original source or licensed stores and reselling them for profit. This is different from fashion maids.
TTS - True To Size. Used to help describe the size of an item.
x - An “x” in between two brand names is used to show a collaboration.

I hope this was useful for you, please leave any suggestions in the comments, and we would be happy to add them or explain! Share this with any reselling/poshmark newbies you may know.